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Eagleton hosts event promoting free speech on college campuses– [The Daily Targum]

From Studying Democracy to Teaching It– [Forbes]

The new face of N.J. voters? Young and female, new data shows.– [The Star-Ledger]


Eagleton celebrates National Voter Registration Day with student involvement drives at Rutgers – [The Daily Targum]

More Rutgers students are registered to vote. But will they actually show at the polls? – [North Jersey Record]

60 seconds on why you should care with Rutgers University – [Rutgers Today]

Rutgers Helps Students to Register, Vote in November Midterm Election – [Rutgers Today]

Young voters expected to come out in full force in midterms – [News 12 New Jersey]

Democrats find hope in the young for midterm elections – [Financial Times]

Rutgers students cast a ballot for democracy – [NJTV News]

Rutgers Eagleton professor discusses midterm election outcomes – [The Daily Targum]

Core of the Matter interview with Dr. Elizabeth Matto – [90.3 The Core FM]


Rutgers students engage in political discourse over pizza – [The Daily Targum]

Phil Murphy claims victory in NJ governor’s race – [The Daily Targum]

Tomorrow is the last day to register to vote in the N.J. elections — Here is what you need to know – [The Daily Targum]

Debate watch party brings Rutgers students together from across the political spectrum – The Daily Targum]

New Jersey Gubernatorial Election: Helping Students Become Informed Voters – [Rutgers Today]

Gubernatorial candidates struggle to turn out the vote in N.J. primaries – [The Daily Targum]

WEEK IN REVIEW: Laurels and Darts | March 31, 2017 – [The Daily Targum]

Eagleton Institute prepares Rutgers students to run for public office  – [Daily Targum]


Eagleton Institute Hosts Debate on Electoral College – [Daily Targum]

For Many Young Voters, Debate is Introductory Lesson on Issues – []

Rutgers Debate Watch: Students Look on as Trump And Clinton go Head-to-Head – [The Daily Targum]

Rutgers Eagleton Program Supports Political Involvement – [The Daily Targum]

New Hampshire Primary Results: How Millennial Voters Have Changed Since Obama’s 2008 Youth-Fueled Victory – [International Business Times]



Millennials and 2016 Elections – An Opportunity Not to Be Wasted – [NJ Spotlight]

Students discuss qualities they look for in presidential candidates – [Yhe Daily Targum]

U. shows political engagement at Democratic debate – [The Daily Targum]

Students visit Harvard for Conference on political participation – [The Daily Targum]

Eagleton Institute hosts event to get students interested in their future – [The Daily Targum]

Election? What Election?: Rutgers in top 20 schools with least politically active students – [The Daily Targum]



College students can effect change through election participation – [The Daily Targum]

Wyoming Senator emphasizes role of political involvement – [The Daily Targum]

Rutgers students head to Harvard for conference – [The Daily Targum]

Fox News correspondent shares his passion for politics at Rutgers – [The Daily Targum]



Politifax editor, publisher analyzes gubernatorial race – [The Daily Targum]



Braun: For civic-minded immigrants, votes count – [The Star-Ledger]

Sandy’s impact lingers on Election Day – [The Daily Targum]

Campus tunes in to final debate at watch party– [The Daily Targum]

U. program encourages engagement in politics – [The Daily Targum]

Program offers U. students voting tools – [The Daily Targum]

Connect young voters to political process – [The Star-Ledger]



RU Voting motivates students to gather at polls – [The Daily Targum]

Twenty-somethings take N.J. political offices by storm – [Star-Ledger]



Program preps high schoolers for leadership – [The Daily Targum]