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State House Express


About State House Express

This small grants program provides awards of $500 to eligible teachers of government, civics, history, and other social studies classes in grades 4 through 12.

Visiting the State House and Applying for State House Express

The special tours developed by the Office of Legislative Services for Eagleton’s State House Express help all students, especially those in government, civics and history courses, learn about the lawmaking process.

The “Make-A-Law!” Simulation

State House Express student groups have the option of participating in a simulation of the legislative process during which they learn more about the process of bill passage and practice the skills of debate, discussion, negotiation, compromise and voting. Learn more about the pieces of legislation that will be used this academic year.

Learn more about how Make-A-Law satisfies the NJ Core Curriculum Content Standards here.

Additional Resources

Please visit our “additional resources” page for various websites and materials to help you prepare and review your visit to the State House.

Also, prepare for or follow-up your tour with some of the activities found here.

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