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New Jersey Ballot Bowl

Here are the basics:
The Ballot Bowl is a non-partisan, statewide collegiate voter registration competition. Students at campuses across the state will compete against one another to register the most students to vote.

How Rutgers-New Brunswick will tally all the votes:
For those student groups who choose to submit their voter registration forms to NJPIRG, NJPIRG will track voter registration information for the NJ Ballot Bowl.

We will have a system that will track how many complete voter registration forms are collected by each of the four campus teams: Busch/Livingston, College Avenue, Cook/Douglass, and Off-Campus/Commuter Students.

These will be tracked based on the home addresses listed on the voter registration form.

It is understood that information on voter registration forms submitted by student groups or university offices for the NJ Ballot Bowl will not be used for further communication from NJPIRG.

Voter registration forms collected via RU Voting will be processed by RU Voting and RU Voting will submit forms to the Board of Elections. RU Voting representatives will report the numbers of students registered to the Secretary of State’s Office.

Student groups or university offices who choose to process and submit their own forms to the Board of Elections will report numbers of students registered and from which campus to NJPIRG for the purpose of tracking for Ballot Bowl.

If you are holding your own voter registration drive and would like to have your completed forms used for Ballot Bowl tallying, please complete the following sheet.

For more information on Ballot Bowl, visit: