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Political Resources

These sites will provide you with non-partisan information on candidates, their platforms, elections, dates/deadlines, polling locations and election results.


Cook Political

This site provides a summary of every election taking place across the country, results and live blogging.


Sponsored by the Republican and Democratic Party

Enjoy debates but don’t feel like sitting through the entire thing? Then this site is the perfect resource for you! Housing Presidential (and Vice-Presidential) debates from 1988 to the present, this site is an organized resource that allows you to brush up on your electoral history.


Maintained by the League of Women Voters Education Fund

Register to vote, find your polling place, and learn about candidates at

Educating Voters

Sponsored by the League of Women Voters

This is a useful and easy site to quickly find information on polling locations, deadlines and the candidates who are running.


This site provides a quiz to determine how one’s views align with each political party.

Open Congress

Sponsored by the Participatory Politics Foundation

This site helps shed light on the otherwise dark and “secretive” dealings and debates that go on inside Congress. An easy to use interface allows one to get a quick glance at the hot topics or in depth information on the various debates taking place around the country.

Open Secrets

Sponsored by the Center for Responsible Politics

The Center for Responsible Politics is a not for profit group that does work informing citizens on the role of money in politics and campaigns.  They provide information on Presidential and Congressional candidates.

Follow the Money

The nation’s only free, nonpartisan, verifiable archive of contributions to political campaigns in all 50 states.


This site contains everything from international stories to the latest Presidential Primary polls. A non-partisan website, Politico is a great resource for all the latest political news.

Real Clear Politics

Everything from public opinion polls to election results can be found on this site. It also includes up-to-date information on political events, such as the State of the Union and other presidential addresses.

This site is dedicated to providing people with information on congressional bills, votes, treaties, and committee information just to name a few.  The website was created by the Library of Congress in 1995 and has been making Congressional activity more transparent ever since.

Vote Easy

This tool allows users to select specific issues and see how the candidates’ views compare to their own.

Rutgers University Library Guides:

  • Congressional Research  With Congressional information dating back to 1789 this library guide makes searching for United States Congress hearings, reports, documents, and bills easier.
  • Elections and Voting  This library guide provides a place to begin research on elections and voting at both the state and federal level.
  • Federal Government Information Resource – This guide provides links to online sources for federal government information and breaks down these links by the three branches of government.
  • Government Published Statistics – The United States federal, state, and local government agencies have collected data that illustrates the economic and social well being of their citizens and covers a variety of topics.
  • State and Local Government – Information and resources geared toward those looking to research state and local municipality information.