Paige Chan

Young Elected Leaders Project Intern

Paige is a senior on track to graduate with a double major in Political Science and Philosophy with a minor in Religion. She first joined the Young Elected Leaders Project in 2019 through the Aresty Research Program and decided to continue her senior year as an undergraduate intern for the project. During her two years on the team, she has learned how to collect, analyze, and present both qualitative and quantitative data. She has actively engaged in interviews of Young Leaders, composed a poster summarizing data analysis for Aresty, and now also leads the management of the Young Elected Leader Project’s social media platforms. She is highly excited to continue her work with the Young Elected Leaders Project due to the niche demographic it studies and the relative lack of previous literature in the political field. After graduation, she hopes to pursue a career centered around promoting young representatives – whether through nonprofits, research, or government work.


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