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For this station, learn more about getting involved and use the materials to create your own Volunteering Station in your civics fair. Looking for templates for other stations? Click the link below!

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Volunteering: The Basics

The Volunteering Station, also known as civic engagement, involves directly addressing public problems by working in one’s community.

Getting involved can include volunteering or forming a community organization or participating in a charity event.

The Volunteering Station provides opportunities to learn more about the following topics:

  • Identifying Volunteering Opportunities
  • Service Project Ideas
  • Creating Your Own Fundraiser
Volunteering Poster

Identifying Volunteering Opportunities

Downloadable Templates

Looking for volunteer opportunities in your community? 

Download templates for identifying locations for volunteering in your local community or beyond.

Download video on identifying volunteer opportunities

Service Project Ideas

Downloadable Templates

Want to organize a service project but looking for ideas? 

Download templates for creating service projects in your community or beyond.

Creating Your Own Fundraiser

Downloadable Templates

Practice creating your own fundraiser. 

Download templates for creating a mock fundraiser for your community.

Volunteering Role Models

We believe that representation is important, and seeing young leaders making a difference can inspire students to do the same. See role models of young adults who are making a difference in their community through service project.

Learn More about Volunteering Role Models of Engagement.