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NJStateHouse_webState House Express

State House Express is a small grants program to enhance civics education for middle and high school students in New Jersey. The program provides $500 grant awards to eligible teachers of government, civics, history, and other social studies classes in grades 4 through 12. The grants are designed to help pay for bus rental costs to take classes on field trips to the State House in Trenton for special guided tours and first-hand examination of the legislature’s role in our system of representative democracy.

Assessment_iStock_000024949787XSmallEagleton Assessment

The Eagleton Assessment is an online assessment that measures the levels of civic engagements of high school students. The project was piloted in a handful of high schools in 2007. The tool goes beyond measuring students’ levels of civic knowledge and demographic characteristics to consider attitudes as well as civic and political skills when measuring engagement.

TeachingPolitics_iStock_000024688676XSmallTeaching Politics

CYPP supports teachers at all grade levels as they prepare their students to be active citizens. Learn more about available resources here.