About CYPP

The Center for Youth Political Participation celebrates and supports political learning and engagement among young people through research, public service and education, driven by the potential impact of  Gen Z on American democracy.

Comprised of three programs; RU Ready, RU Voting and the Young Elected Leaders Project, our work encourages young adults to see themselves as part of the political process at all stages of life.

Our Mission

The Eagleton Institute of Politics’ Center for Youth Political Participation at Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, advances the political learning of young people and equips them to be active citizens and leaders. For young people to assume their place in the political process, the knowledge, skills, and attitudes of political participation must be taught. Through education, research, and public service, the Center for Youth Political Participation plays a lead role locally and nationally in fostering and promoting the active citizenship and leadership of future generations.

As adopted in August of 2020, our Center acknowledges and upholds the core values of the Eagleton Institute of Politics.

See our statement, In Solidarity with Black Lives Matter

Civil Discourse Expectations

As adopted in January of 2021, our Center acknowledges and uphold the civil discourse expectations of the Eagleton Institute of Politics.

Our Team

Our work is driven by a team of faculty, staff and Rutgers students. Working as interns, participating in the Darien Civic Engagement Project and assisting as volunteers, students are at the heart of our team. Meet them here.

Our Sponsors

Thank you to our current sponsors:

Maury Lieberman and Leslie Scallet

New Jersey State Bar Foundation

New Brunswick Public Schools

Edith Neimark, Ph.D.

Steven and Susan Darien

The Darien Fund for the U.S. Constitution, Citizenship, and Civic Engagement

The League of Women Voters of New Jersey

For information about how to contribute to the Center for Youth Political Participation, contact Sue Nemeth at (609) 647-7961 or gsnemeth@eagleton.rutgers.edu.