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For young people to assume their place in the political process, the knowledge, skills, and attitudes of political participation must be taught. Through education, research, and public service, the Center for Youth Political Participation plays a lead role locally and nationally in fostering and promoting the active citizenship and leadership of future generations.

Your contribution can help the Center for Youth Political Participation fulfill its mission of advancing the political learning of young people and preparing a new generation of students for political participation and civic engagement.

Individuals, corporations, and foundations interested in exploring the many ways to support CYPP  are encouraged to connect with Sue Nemeth at (609) 647-7961 or

Donate online here or support Eagleton with a check payable to “Rutgers University Foundation/Center for Youth Political Participation.”

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Rutgers University Foundation

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“It is my settled conviction that the cultivation of civic responsibility and leadership among the American people in the field of practical political affairs is of vital and increasing importance to our state and nation …. I make this gift especially for the development of and education for responsible leadership in civic and governmental affairs and the solution of their political problems.”
– Florence Peshine Eagleton, January 7, 1944