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RU Ready

About RU Ready

A civic engagement initiative, the mission of RU Ready is to provide students with the motivation and the civic, political, and expressive tools they need to address public problems in their community.

In-Class Sessions

RU Ready’s in-class workshops are conducted by a team of RU Ready Rutgers students and include evidence-based instructional techniques designed to foster active citizenship.

RU Ready Young Leaders Conference

As a culminating activity, a conference is held at the Eagleton Institute of Politics for representatives of participating high schools. The day-long conference involves exploring youth political participation and the “Millennial Generation”; revisiting the lessons learned in the classroom regarding avenues of civic engagement; and offering practical suggestions to young people not only interested in community involvement but in assuming leadership positions in their communities.

RU Ready Civics Fair

Piloted during the Spring of 2019, the RU Ready Civics Fair allows students of all ages to gain information on political engagement. Students work on a service project, learn about their community representatives, contribute their thoughts to a banner and have an opportunity to register to vote.

Resources for New Brunswick High School Students

Are you ready to make a difference in your community and flex your civic muscles? Here are some resources for you to take what you’ve learned out into the real world!