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About RU Ready

A civic engagement initiative, the mission of RU Ready is to provide students with the motivation and the civic, political, and expressive tools they need to address public problems in their community. Under the direction of Dr. Elizabeth Matto, Director of the Center for Youth Political Participation at the Eagleton Institute of Politics, the project features instructional methods that foster active citizenship. The project’s hallmark is the central role played by a team of RU Ready Rutgers students who work directly with local high school students and adminisFOR ABOUT RU READY PAGEter interactive sessions.  Such peer to peer contact improves the likelihood that the lessons of RU Ready will be absorbed by the students experiencing them. The project currently is administered in area high schools and includes in-class workshops and a culminating event, the RU Ready Young Leaders Conference.

Piloted during the 2007-2008 academic year, the project has received support from:

  • The Geraldine R. Dodge Foundation
  • Magyar Bank Charitable Foundation
  • New Jersey Manufacturers Insurance Company and NJM Bank
  • New Brunswick Public Schools
  • Amy S. Ayoub
  • Edith Neimark, Ph.D.