Rutgers-Eagleton Cyber Civics Video Submission

We want to hear your thoughts about democracy!

The Rutgers Eagleton Cyber-Civics Initiative is seeking students to submit their videos exploring the topic of American democracy and civic engagement in the digital age. The videos will be shared on the Eagleton Institute’s Instagram page as part of an effort to inspire meaningful conversations on and off campus about civic engagement. The style of the video is up to you, from “Man On The Street” style interviews to “Get Ready With Me” tutorials that weave in these important topics of the initiative.

To submit your video for consideration, please fill out this form.

Guiding Questions for Student Video Submissions 

Activism/Advocacy/Social Justice 

  • What are productive ways to advocate for causes you care about through democratic processes? 

Voter Registration/Participating in Elections/Running for Office 

  • Why is it important to vote?  
  • Do you believe your vote matters? 
  • What are some barriers preventing or discouraging young people from voting? How can they be eliminated or mitigated?  
  • How should young people approach voting and when many issues are so deeply polarized? Is it possible to be a nuanced voter?  

Education/Civic Skills 

  • How do you educate yourself about political processes and happenings?
  • What prevents young people from becoming educated about the political process and current events?  
  • Do you have faith in government? Do you have faith in democratic institutions? 

Community Service, Public Service, and Engagement 

  • What is an individual’s responsibility to their community? How is this related to the political process? 
  • What unique challenges and opportunities do members of your generation face in striving to be civically engaged community members? 
  • As a college student, how do you seek out community and friendship? Do members of social and civic groups tend to be ideologically homogenous?  

Deliberative Dialogue/Engaging With Those Who Disagree 

  • What does objectivity mean in civic dialogue? Is it possible?
  • What should we keep in mind when engaging in healthy political and civic dialogue? What makes such discussions unhealthy? 
  • How should we approach fundamental disagreements with people we care about—such as those in our own families, friend groups, or communities? Likewise, how should we engage with strangers who disagree with us?
  • Has a conversation or encounter with a person or a group ever challenged your preconceived notions of them or their beliefs? Or theirs of you?  

Being an Engaged Citizen in the Digital Age 

  • What challenges and opportunities do social media present to being an engaged citizen?
  • Does technology/social media help or hinder democracy/democratic processes?
  • In an age of extreme and polarizing content, how can young people cultivate social media literacy skills to be intelligent consumers of media?