John and Ann Holt Endowed Undergraduate Applied Research Fund in American Politics

About the Award

The John and Ann Holt Endowed Undergraduate Applied Research Fund in American Politics provides support for a Rutgers undergraduate student in his or her junior or senior year to conduct research, under the supervision of Eagleton or other Rutgers faculty, on a topic in applied American politics.  The donors have requested that this undergraduate award reflect Eagleton’s nonpartisan approach to studying politics, making a good faith effort to ensure that the research projects selected explore topics in order to understand varied partisan analyses.  Ideally students will select a specific issue of contemporary significance and examine all sides of the political debate to gain an understanding of diverse perspectives.  Award recipients will be required to submit a journal, paper or final report demonstrating what they accomplished.

Students can receive an award of up to $1,200.00.


Open to Rutgers University undergraduate students in their junior or senior year.

Application Process & Deadline

Interested students should complete the application process by Friday August 4, 2023 at 5:00PM:

  • Identify a faculty member willing to supervise their project
  • 1-2 page proposal in the form of a letter including:
    • Research question
    • Description of research plan
    • Project budget
    • Timeline
    • Applicant information including: full name, expected graduation month & year, and best contact information
  • Submit proposal, unofficial transcripts, writing sample, and letter of recommendation from supervising faculty member

Proposals must be addressed to Center for Youth Political Participation Director, Dr.Elizabeth Matto, via email by Friday August 4, 2023 at 5:00PM EST

Past Recipients

Fiona Kniaz

Restricting: The Road to Reform

In an effort to draw attention to critical flaws in the redistricting process, this report will detail how all 50 states draw new maps, highlight case studies from the past decade, chronicle recent reform efforts, and provide nuanced policy recommendations.


All questions and inquiries can directed to Dr. Elizabeth Matto via email (