Jenny Kaplan

Media Company Founder


Jenny Kaplan (age 29) is the co-founder of Wonder Media Network, a podcast production company that works to uplift traditionally underrepresented voices in politics. A former award-winning journalist at Bloomberg News, Kaplan covered stories on global business and co-hosted Bloomberg’s Material World podcast. She left Bloomberg and started Wonder Media Network in 2018. Wonder Media Network has produced over a dozen podcasts on topics such as women’s rights, racial justice, and professional development. In 2022, Kaplan and her co-founder, Shira Atkins, were recognized in Forbes’ 30 Under 30 in Media. Learn more about Kaplan and Wonder Media Network here.

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In the News

“The cohort of women who stepped up to run in 2018 was significant in terms of the number of women who ran, but also in terms of how they ran their races. There’s not one way that women are supposed to run anymore. There’s much more emphasis on running as your authentic self or running as a full person.”

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