Olivia Seltzer

Creator of "The Cramm"


Olivia Seltzer (age 17) is the founder of The Cramm. After recognizing the gap between young people and accessible news, Seltzer set out to create a way for young people to stay informed and engaged. Her solution was The Cramm: a website and email/text service that informs people about what’s going on around the world with a daily email/text that’s easier to digest than the average news article. The Cramm has since expanded to include social media and podcasts in their daily briefs. In February 2022, Olivia released Cramm This Book, a book documenting the origins of today’s current events. Find out more about Olivia on her website and check out The Cramm.

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“Don’t let your age – or people’s perception of you as a result of your age – inhibit you. I want other young people to know that it doesn’t matter how old you are: if you have a dream you feel passionate about, figure out how to make it work. If you believe in it, go do it.”

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