Teagan Stedman

Non-profit Founder


Teagan Stedman (age 20) is the founder of Shred Kids’ Cancer, a nonprofit that advocates for underserved children with cancer and raises money to fund children’s cancer research. Since it’s founding in 2008, when Stedman was just 8, Shred Kids’ Cancer has raised over $500,000 dollars towards research and has granted funds to nine clinical trials. For his work, Stedman was awarded the 2017 Youth Award from World of Children, and Stedman currently interns with Harvard Medical School doing cancer research. Learn more about Teagan and his organization here.

Learn more about Shred Kids’ Cancer on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

In the News

Teen Starts Charity for Kids to Band Together and ‘Shred Kids’ Cancer’

“I’m so fortunate to be able to help improve the lives of others and look forward to continue to partner on the fundraising side and the science research side of the equation with some of the most passionate and driven individuals on the globe.”

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