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For this station, learn more about getting informed and use the materials to create your own Paying Attention Station in your civics fair. Looking for templates for other stations? Click the link below!

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Paying Attention: The Basics

The Paying Attention Station, also known as cognitive engagement, provides students with the resources and skills to remain informed about public and political affairs.

In order to hold elected officials accountable, it’s important to pay attention to current affairs and critically consume news.

The Paying Attention Station provides opportunities to learn more about the following topics:

  • Discussing Politics with Others
  • Judging the Accuracy of News
  • Finding Reliable News Sources
Paying Attention Poster

Discussing Politics with Others

How Do I Discuss Politics with Others?

Discussing Politics templates provide students with tips for preparing to and then engaging in political discussion with others, inviting them to engage in discourses via the simulation activity below.

Download templates for Discussing Politics with Others:

Judging the Accuracy of News

How Do I Know If I Can Trust This News?

You shouldn’t just believe everything you see on TikTok! The below templates focus on sharing resources on reliable news sources and tips for judging the accuracy of  news.

Download templates for judging the accuracy of news:

The above admonition aside, here’s our own downloadable social media video on finding reliable news sources

Students can sharpen their eye for separating fact from fiction with our Wacky Headline Game. This game shows students how odd headlines are worth investigating further. This game blends odd, but true headlines with widespread rumors or misleadingly worded titles.

Following Current Events

How Do I Find Reliable News Sources?

Finding Reliable News Sources templates provide examples of reliable news sources in print and online.

Download templates for Following Current Events on the News:

Paying Attention Role Models

We believe that representation is important, and seeing young leaders making a difference can inspire students to do the same. See role models of young adults who’ve fostered the skills of paying attention to politics in their community.

Learn More about Paying Attention Role Models of Engagement.