RU Voting Ambassador Program

The Center for Youth Political Participation is recruiting students to be a part of the RU Voting Ambassador program to encourage student voter registration and mobilization in the 2023 General Election. A re-branded approach to our RU Voting volunteer program, Ambassadors will take part in virtual and in-person registration and engagement strategies this summer and fall as we mobilize the Rutgers University community to turn out on Tuesday November 7, 2023!

Ambassador Requirements

  • Attend a 45-minute voter registration training session
  • Co-facilitate a minimum of 1 voter registration drive and 1 voter mobilization drive
  • Ambassadors will participate in voter registration and get out the vote efforts on campus
  • Promote and attend events hosted by the Center for Youth Political Participation and the Eagleton Institute of Politics
  • Share information on completing voter registration, vote-by-mail and important deadlines on personal social media pages
  • Follow the Center for Youth Political Participation on all social media platforms


  • Currently enrolled as a Rutgers University student, either undergraduate or graduate level
  • Not currently running for elected office in the US

Code of Conduct

As a member of the RU Voting Ambassador program, we expect all members and staff to follow our Code of Conduct:

  • All information and deadlines shared on personal accounts on behalf of of this program must remain nonpartisan
  • Information regarding voter registration, voter assistance, deadlines and other information must be provided to all individuals regardless of personal beliefs and/or political party affiliation
  • When actively involved in the work of this program, resources and information-sharing should refrain from sponsoring any candidate, policy platform or party
  • Participants will refrain from using hateful language, symbols and other inappropriate speech when participating in online sharing and discussions

Contact Us

Please email Sophia Alexis at if you are interested in getting involved.