Raven Diaz

RU Ready Intern

Raven Diaz, School of Arts and Science ‘26, is a Social Work major. She is passionate about disability rights, lowering the black maternal death rate, and the safety and protection of children. Last year, Raven was featured as a co-panelist for both the Disabilities Roundtable at the Zimmerli Art Museum and the Education Policy Roundtable for Latinx voices. Raven is currently the Vice President of the Rutgers Spanish Club and a Student Educator at the Zimmerli Art Museum. She is also a part of the Zimmerli Art Museum Access Advisory Board which seeks to address and expand the museum’s accessibility initiative. She is a Leadership Scholar at the Institute for Women’s Leadership. Raven will be interning with the New Jersey Division on Civil Rights as of Summer 24’.  After graduation, Raven plans to continue her education in order to become a licensed clinical social worker.



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