Voter Registration Deadline for NJ Primary: May 18, 2021

RU Voting: Step-by-Step Voter
Registration Guide for
Rutgers University Students

Are you currently living at home but are registered to vote on campus? Are you not sure where you are currently registered? Check your voter registration status so you can receive a ballot to the correct address!

check your voter registration status

Voter Registration for the 2021 NJ Primary Election

Due to the fluid nature of the COVID-19 pandemic, it remains unclear whether the New Jersey Primary election on June 8, 2021 will feature new election practices and deadlines.

It is important to check your voter registration status to verify where you are registered to vote and whether you need to update your address.

If you are registered to vote on campus but are not currently living in on campus housing, you will need to update your voter registration to your current address.

If you have never registered to vote before, please do so by Tuesday May 18, 2021!

New Jersey voters have the choice to complete voter registration online or utilize a paper voter registration form.

All voter registration changes must be made by Tuesday May 18, 2021 for the Primary Election.

Last Updated December 17, 2020

register to vote online

Before you start registering...

Decide How You Wish to Register

Registering or updating your voter registration online:

  • Have either a copy of your social security number, NJ drivers license or non-drivers license state identification card available

Follow the instructions in Step Three if you wish to register with an on campus address or update your voter registration

Registering to vote utilizing the traditional paper application:

  • Print a New Jersey voter registration application double-sided for the county you are intending to register or update your address
  • Find a blue or black pen for completing the application. Completing the form in pencil will invalidate the application.

Follow the instructions below for completing your voter registration application

Determine if you are eligible to Vote

To register to vote in New Jersey, you must be:

  • At least 17 years old
  • A United States citizen
  • A resident of your county for at least 30 days before the election
  • Not currently incarcerated as the result of a conviction of any indictable offense in NJ or any US state

Questions? Chat with us!

Step One: Eligibility Questions

Box 1

Check New Registration if you are registering in New Jersey for the first time

Who could be considered a new registrant? Out-of-state students currently living in New Jersey

Check Address Change if you have moved since the first time you registered

Hint: If you are registered to vote on campus last year and have since moved off-campus, you will need to complete an address change.

Boxes 2 + 3

Are you a U.S. citizen?
Hint: Green card holders are not eligible to vote in United States elections at this time

Are you at least 17 years of age?
According to New Jersey law, if you are at least 17 years old you may register to vote, but have to wait until you are 18 to vote in any United States election

Step Two: Identification Questions

Box 4

Complete your Last Name, First Name, and Middle Initial

Boxes 5 + 6

Date of Birth and Gender (In New Jersey the box for gender is optional)

Box 7

Fill in your New Jersey Drivers License Number or the Last Four Digits of Social Security Number

Hint: Drivers License number can be found at the top of your drivers license- don’t forget to include the letter as well!

Step Three: Voter Registration Address Options

Box 8

Registering with a Home Address

Hint: Complete box 9 (Mailing Address) only if you do not receive mail
at your home address ?×

Out of State Students
If you live out of state and wish to register to vote in elections that take place in your hometown, find your state voter registration form at RU Voting National

Registering with Your College Address ?×

Write Residence Hall Name i.e. Katzenbach, B.E.S.T Hall, etc.
Municipality (City/Town)
Busch & Livingston Residence Halls: Piscataway
College Ave, Cook, Douglass Residence Halls: New Brunswick
County: Middlesex
State: New Jersey
Zip Code:
New Brunswick: 08901
Piscataway: 08854

Registering with an Off-Campus Address ?×
If students are moving from one residence to another, complete your home address in Box 8 to the new address you are registering to vote at.

Hint: Make sure to complete Boxes 9 & 10!

Box 9

If you do receive mail at your home address or are registering at a Residence Hall, complete your Mailing Address

Registering at your Residence Hall 
Write the last four digits of their RUID & the campus mailing location:
Douglass (DPO Way)
Cook (CPO Way)
Busch (BPO Way)
College Ave (RPO Way)
Livingston (LPO Way)

Municipality (City/Town)
Busch & Livingston Residence Halls:Piscataway
College Ave, Cook, Douglass Residence Halls:New Brunswick

County: Middlesex
State: New Jersey
Zip Code: New Brunswick (08901) & Piscataway (08857)

Not Opting-In for Rutgers Mail?
For students who choose not to opt-in to the Rutgers University Mail Delivery Service, fill in your Mailing Address with the location you would like to receive your sample ballot at.

Box 10

Last Address You Registered to Vote at

If you are completing an address change for your voter registration, you must complete box 10 with the last address you registered to vote at.

Hint: If the last address you registered to vote at was a on campus residence hall (i.e. BEST Hall, Quad I, Tinsley), complete this box with the residence hall information.

Step Four: Completing the Form

Box 11

Optional: Complete Name Change

Box 12

Fill in a Daytime phone number or email address

Hint: Leaving contact information allows the Board of Elections to contact you in case your form is incorrect or incomplete.

Box 13

Decide whether you would like to register with a political party 

Hint: If incomplete, you will be listed as Unaffiliated and unable to vote in the NJ Primary Elections. If you wish to declare at a later date or change your party affiliation, you will need to complete a party declaration form 55 days before the election.

Box 14

Complete the Mail-in Ballot Option only if you wish to receive a mail-in ballot for all future elections at the address you are registering or updating your address to

Hint: Our Center discourages voters to complete this section since you will need to manually opt-out of the system if you move.

Sign and date to complete

Step Five: Submitting Your Voter Registration Form

Once you’ve signed and dated your completed voter registration form, you can submit your form by:

Mailing your completed voter registration form by May 18, 2021

Flip the form over and fold in three parts
Tape the form shut
Drop in a mail box or at your local post office—no stamp required!

Dropping your form off in person at your county Board of Elections office by May 18, 2021

Hours and availability may be impacted by COVID-19 so we encourage calling your local office before going in person.

Registering on the Newark Campus

If you reside at the Newark Campus, fill in your “Residence Hall Name” as your “Home Address” and your “Campus P.O. Box” as your “Mailing Address

The following are the addresses for the Newark Campus residence halls:

Woodward Hall: 91 Bleeker St, Newark, NJ 07102
University Square: 155 University Ave, Newark, NJ 07102
Talbott Apartments: 101 Bleeker St, Newark, NJ 07102
15 Washington Apartments: 15 Washington Street, Newark, NJ 07102
180 West Market Street: 180 West Market Street, Newark, NJ 07103

Newark Voter Registration Drop off: Office of Student Life, Paul Robeson Campus Center, 350 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd. Room 352.

Registering on the Camden Campus

If you reside at the Camden Campus, fill in your “Residence Hall Name” as your “Home Address” and your “Campus P.O. Box” as your “Mailing Address

The following are the addresses for the Newark Campus residence halls:

Camden Tower: 215 N. 3rd Street, Camden, NJ 08102
Camden Apartments: 215 N. 3rd Street, Camden, NJ 08102
Graduate Housing: 330 Cooper Street, Camden, NJ 08102

Camden Voter Registration Drop Off: Campus Center Lobby, Impact Information Booth.