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  • Knocking out 1.5 credits AND educating future leaders? Nuff said. Join the Darien Civic Engagement Project and motivate young people towards civic engagement! Email for more info! ,
  • The Midterms may have passed but we can't stop talking about the RECORD turnout in NJ! interviewed Director, on what enhanced youth turnout and how students can remain politically involved after November. @Eagleton_RU,
  • ICYMI: Voter Registration rates in Middlesex County were higher this year than during the 2014 midterms! According to , 515, 347 registered in Middlesex county compared to 477, 746 in November of 2014! Making Middlesex the county with the most registered voters!,
  • Interested in engaging high school students in the local New Brunswick community? We are now accepting applications for the Darien Civic Engagement Project for the spring semester! To request an application, email Rebekah Mann at . ,
  • The midterm elections will be bringing new and younger faces into the political arena this January. Stay tuned for breakdown of young people serving in public office from the Young Elected Leaders Project. ,

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General Election - November 5, 2019

News About Young People and Politics

That’s because the youth vote could very well be the key to the electoral realignment both parties are working toward. We know this because it was you [...]

And while the youth vote wasn’t sufficient to ... there were measurable transformations across the political landscape. In Texas, for example, the you [...]

Della Volpe says he and his team of researchers saw attitudes in the youth electorate shift after the 2016 general election, and young voters realized [...]

MADISON, Wis. - It’s Election Day and many political experts say young people may have a big effect on the outcomes. There have already been a record [...]

Since 2017, Harvard Institute of Politics’ polling of young Americans between the ages of 18 and 29 ... and the 54 percent that Democrats received in [...]