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    August 2019
  • August 30, 2019:Welcome Week Voter Registration
NJ State Election - November 5, 2019

News About Young People and Politics

The advantage of a bigger youth vote likely would accrue to Democrats. Polls show young voters are increasingly aligned with the party on issues they [...]

The student activists who crashed the political arena after the mass shooting last year ... Democratic presidential rivals and will serve as a catalys [...]

This year’s conference focused on “Youth and Politics: 2020.” During tough economic times ... climate change is just as important to many young voters [...]

Dispatch: Young Voters Care About Abortion Policy ... “The movement really ignited an interest among youth in politics,” said Peñalba, who spoke in th [...]

“Our report shows strong evidence that there is no lack of youth voter enthusiasm,” wrote University of Florida political science chair Daniel ... the [...]