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2019 RU Running? Workshop Agenda

In the spring of 2016, the Eagleton Institute of Politics’ Center for Youth Political Participation and the League of Women Voters of New Jersey’s Young People’s Network joined together to pilot the initiative RU Running? – a training for politically interested college students considering running for public office or who interested in working on a campaign. Held every Spring at Eagleton Institute of Politics, RU Running? builds upon the expertise and experience of both organizations and promises to be a model for colleges and universities throughout New Jersey and nationwide.

RU Running?:
• Connects student participants with young adults holding elected public office and campaign operatives
• Raises awareness on how to access the political party system and the basics of campaigns
• Offers opportunities for students to put what they were learning into practice

Students have offered positive feedback about RU Running?:
• Most felt either “somewhat” (40%) or “very” confident (30%) in their ability to run for office after the session
• Most felt either “somewhat” (45%) or “very” (25%) familiar with New Jersey’s party system

One student commented,
“I had a lot of fun, I never realized how easy it was to get involved with local politics. I would love to come again to learn about getting involved with appointed office and state and national offices. The information  . . .  was eye opening and gave me more insight on how to become part of the system.”

RU Running? even received favorable attention from Rutgers’ The Daily Targum by earning a “laurel” that read,
“Dang, Eagleton! Back at it again with the avant-garde political programs! The Eagleton Institute of Politics started a new pilot program called “RU Running?,” which trains politically interested college students who aspire to run for public office. We laurel Eagleton for creating this program and serving as a model for universities nationwide.”

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