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2020 Aresty Research

About the 2020 Research

The 2020 Aresty Research for the Young Elected Leaders project focused heavily on gaining insights about the experiences and viewpoints of Millennial and Generation Z young elected leaders (YELs). To do so, our undergraduate research assistants, Ashley Abrams and Paige Chan analyzed and coded eleven young elected leader interviews. This year’s focus allowed our research assistants to participate in hands-on qualitative research utilizing the qualitative data analysis software NVivo. They first were introduced to the basics of qualitative methods and as a team they developed their own coding protocol. These efforts provided a solid foundation for the team to move forward with coding and analysis. The results of their hard work are displayed below in the form of the researcher’s final poster and video presentation.

Meet the 2020 Aresty Undergraduate Researchers

 Paige Chan, Class 2022 Majors: Political Science & Philosophy Minor: Religion

Left: Ashley Abrams, Class of 2020 / Right: Paige Chan, Class of 2022

Poster & Presentation