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Presidents as Young Elected Leaders

Even the Presidents of the United States had to start somewhere. Check out past Presidents as Young Elected Leaders.



US Map showing differences in the number of Millennial Candidates per State for Congress 2018
Millennial Candidates for Congress

How many Millennials and Young Candidates ran for office in the 2018 midterms? Which states had the least/most Young Candidates? Explore our data on demographic and partisan makeup up the candidate pool 2018.

2018 Midterm Candidates

Young Elected Leaders in CongressGenerational Composition of Congress 2019

Looking for Young Elected Leaders (YELs) in government? Here is the breakdown of YELs in:

American Governors and Young Elected Leaders

Stay up to date with Governors who started their public careers as Young Elected Leaders:Ethnicity by Generation of Governors in Office 2019

American Governors 2016

American Governors 2019

Young Elected Leaders in State Legislatures

Read about the generational, gender and ethnic composition of the states’ legislatures and see how Young Elected Leaders compare to other generations in terms of demography and partisanship.