2018 – 2019 Aresty Research

In the academic year 2018/19, two Aresty students, Julien Rosenbloom and Sadaf Bajwa, joined the Young Leaders team to study young candidates and elected officials through the use of quantitative methods. They were primarily involved in two of YELP’s projects: The study of candidates for Congress in the Midterm Election 2018 and the creation of profiles on youth representation in state legislatures. Julien and Sadaf learned how to collect reliable data and how to reach out to candidates and elected officials. They used descriptive statistics, wrote state profiles, and learned about data visualization.

Meet the 2019 Aresty Research Assistants

Two students present their research at Eagleton Institute for Politics, a large monitor between them shows pie charts
Sadaf Bajwa and Julien Rosenbloom present their research at the Eagleton Institute for Politics.


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Aresty Poster 2019
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