Voting-by-Mail for the General Election in New Jersey

Do I need to apply for vote-by-mail? How do I complete my application?

If you are currently registered to vote and would like to vote by mail, you must complete your county’s application for vote-by-mail to receive your ballot at your current address.

The deadline to apply by mail for vote-by-mail is Tuesday, October 29, 2024.

A voter may apply in person at their County Clerk office until Monday, November 4 at 3:00pm.

Check your local county application to verify whether postage is required.

Last updated June 20, 2024.

Make sure to check your voter registration status to verify where you are currently registered to vote.

Important note for applying for vote-by-mail: If you wish for your ballot to come to an address other than the one at which you are registered, be sure to fill out Box 4 on your application.

I received an official ballot. Now what?

Watch our step-by-step video on how to complete your official ballot!

Submit your ballot through the following methods by 8PM on Election Day:

  1. Drop off your official ballot at your county’s designated secure dropbox locations
  2. Drop off your ballot in person at your County Board of Elections office- you must bring identification (any form of identification with name, address and signature).
  3. Mail your official ballot via the postal service-all ballots must be postmarked by June 4.

I haven't received my official ballot. What now?

If you have not received your official ballot for vote-by-mail, you could be experiencing one of the following:

  1. You are not currently residing at the location you receive mail i.e. living off-campus and typically receive mail on campus
  2. You have recently moved and have not updated your voter registration to reflect your new address

Our Center encourages voters to check their voter registration status and verify the correct mailing address is on file or apply for vote-by-mail if you are not currently living at the address you receive mail.

If you verified your voter registration is correct but have not received your official ballot:

  1. Visit your designated polling location on Election Day and vote provisionally
  2. Contact the county clerk office for the county for which you are registered to vote in and request a supplemental ballot

I am an out-of-state student. How do I apply for vote-by-mail in my home state?

If you are registered to vote in a state other than New Jersey, visit the RU Voting National site for state specific resources for vote-by-mail.

Is there a way to check if my ballot was received and counted?

Voters can verify whether their official ballot was received and counted towards the election in which they voted in by creating an account in the New Jersey Voter Registration System.

Create an account here.


Early Voting for the 2024 Primary Election

What is Early Voting?

New Jersey voters have the opportunity to vote early at an early voting site in their county. Beginning Wednesday May 29 until Sunday June 2, registered New Jersey voters can vote on a voting machine at a designated early voting site in their county. Each county’s Board of Elections are responsible for designating 7 to 10 early voting sites.

Early voting sites utilize electronic poll books allowing voters to visit any early voting site in the county in which they are registered to vote.

How long will early voting last?

Early voting in New Jersey will begin on Wednesday May 29 and run through Sunday June 2.

The hours of operation at designated early voting sites are as follows:

Monday thru Saturday: 10:00AM to 8:00PM

Sundays: 10:00AM to 6:00PM

Where is the early voting site in my county?

Find your Early Voting site here.

Be mindful that early voting sites will not be utilized on Election Day, June 4!

Middlesex County Early Voting Sites:

Essex County Early Voting Sites

Camden County Early Voting Sites

Last updated on February 28, 2024.

Polling Location Information for the 2024 Primary Election

Our Center encourages all voters to verify their correct polling location for voting in-person on Election Day, June 4.

Election Day Polling Location Hours: 6:00AM to 8:00PM

Registered on Campus? Find your Polling Location here.

Registered Off-Campus? Find your polling place here.

Last updated February 28, 2024.

What to Expect on Primary Election Day 2024

Can I vote at a polling location?

Yes, our Center encourages voters to check their voter registration status to verify the correct polling location they should visit on Election Day.

Each voter will receive notification by mail from their County Clerk office specifying their correct polling location.

Can I drop off my Official Ballot at a Polling Location?

No, actively registered voters cannot return their completed official ballot to their designated polling location.

What should I wear?

NJ law prohibits voters from displaying campaign buttons or campaign clothing, such as hats or t-shirts, in polling places.

Any person who enters a polling place wearing a campaign button or campaign clothing will be asked to remove, cover up or turn the clothing inside out.

Should I bring my ID on Election Day?

New Jersey Residents

You do not have to provide ID to vote in NJ unless you did not provide identification information when you registered or if you are a first time registrant by mail in New Jersey, and the identification information you gave could not be verified (i.e., your driver’s license number or the last four digits of your social security number). If you are not sure if any of these situations apply to you, then you should bring ID. Even if you did provide the proper identification at your registration, just to be safe, we recommend that you bring some form of identification.

Accepted forms of identification in NJ: State issued driver’s license, Military or Government ID, Student ID, Car registration, Sample Ballot, Government check or document

Out of State Residents

Click here for voter ID laws in your state.

What does it mean to vote provisionally?

Provisional ballots are paper ballots that are used at the polling place on Election Day in the cases a voters eligibility cannot be confirmed at the polls.

Our Center encourages all New Jersey voters to track their provisional ballot by creating an account on the New Jersey Division of Elections website.

Learn more about Provisional Ballots!

Voting Rights Assistance for Primary Election Day 2024

If you think you are a victim of voter suppression or voter intimidation, contact for assistance.

Election Protection Hotlines

  • English: (866) 867-8683
  • Spanish: (888) 839-8682
  • Asian Languages: (888) 274-8683
  • Arabic: (844) 925-5287

If you are looking for New Jersey-specific assistance, contact the New Jersey Division of Elections at (1-877) 658- 6837