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For this station, learn more about getting vocal and use the materials to create your own Speaking Out Station in your civics fair. Looking for templates for other stations? Click the link below!

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Speaking Out: The Basics

The Speaking Out Station, also known as expressive engagement, provides students with the skills to express their opinions in hopes of influencing the actions of their elected officials and ultimately government.

Learning the skills of speaking out is an important type of engagement because elected officials represent the interests of voters and by speaking out, people can influence their decisions. Participating in a protest, contacting an elected official, and signing a petition are all examples of Speaking Out.

The Speaking Out Station provides opportunities to learn more about the following topics:

  • Contacting Your Elected Officials
  • Starting a Petition
  • Social Media and Advocacy
Speaking Out Poster

Contacting Your Elected Official

Downloadable Templates

Contacting Your Elected Official templates allow students to learn ways to reach out to elected officials and how to share their opinion. 

Download templates for sending messages to elected officials.

Starting a Petition

Downloadable Templates

Starting a Petition templates focus on practicing launching a petition to advocate for an issue you care about.

Download templates for creating a mock petition.

Downloadable social media video on starting a petition

Using the Internet for Advocacy

Downloadable Templates

Social Media and Advocacy templates focus on practicing how to influence officeholders via social media platforms.

Download templates for creating a mock social media advocacy campaign.

Speaking Out Role Models

We believe that representation is important, and seeing young leaders making a difference can inspire students to do the same. See role models of young adults who’ve spoken out on issues in their community, and around the country.

Learn More about Speaking Out Role Models of Engagement.